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Yes, I love the seller as well as their service and products. All good. Baby powder is really soft. Breasts look bigger. I want underwear. I will notify when it arrives. The fingers are very fine, but I hold them in this “girly” fist style. I’m pretty and get a lot of attention, but I’m tired of women being so poorly represented these days. Seeing her sitting on the sofa made me laugh. Pretty, slim and unpretentious. review – Can you trust this vendor?

Yes, the vendor is trusted and recommended! The doll is sexy as hell! I bought her a lot of lingerie and she looks amazing! It is not easy to move due to the weight. I installed a single pulley winch, stored it upright in a closet, cleaned it and tightened it. I still have to fuck her, but I’m so close to this stage! I think it’s better than real people telling the truth. No headaches. She is also a great companion. Well done I must say.

Is this sex doll vendor legit?

Yes, this vendor is legit. I bought it for my husband and it’s a lot of fun. She is a very beautiful doll with a beautiful face. 100% love the photos. Very realistic, especially the vagina. The seller answered my questions quickly and kindly, and the shipment was also fast. perfect! ! Very good quality item. Fast shipping, express delivery to your door at no extra cost. I can only recommend the seller and will definitely order again.

Is this sex doll vendor legit?

Yes, they are a legit vendor. The head of the doll is beautiful and delicate; the body of the doll is in perfect condition and is exactly as described. It’s big enough that when you want to hang a doll to sleep, it feels like hanging a real body. Unbelievably realistic. I tell you, this is the best stress reliever. You understand that. You won’t be disappointed! I highly recommend this doll and have had a great experience using the site from start to finish. My next doll will also be ordered here. I can’t wait to go there. Reviews | scam, legit or safe check

Yes, it’s a legit and safe business. Very professional packaging, arrived ahead of schedule, even better than I expected! thank you very much! She has a great figure and is smooth and it is easy to find clothes that fit her, she is a bit heavy but with a little movement it is ok. She’s like a real woman in terms of size, and that’s what she wants. I am very happy with her. Definitely the best customer experience I’ve had so far. I love it, I love it!

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Yes, it’s safe. I purchased several different types of these male sex toys. This is by far the most comfortable. I like little girls so it’s easier for me to think it’s true. As described, great quality. She is very pretty. It was delivered on time. A bit heavier, but gives it a more authentic feel. I’ve always dreamed of owning one of these dolls. Good quick response. Thanks! Reviews | scam, legit or safe check

Yes, it’s legit and safe. It is delivered in a discreet box. Cleaning is not as difficult as I thought it would be. You can rinse it off and let it air dry like any other silicone masturbator. I was thrilled with the “real feel” of the doll’s butt and boobs. Again, this is very realistic. Some say this device is perfect for virtual reality, and I agree. Any standard POV video or porn viewing associated with this device should be sufficient for most people. Reviews | scam, legit or safe check

Yes, the seller is legit. I have been discussing this product for a long time. I finally bought one. It’s as good as I expected. Good product. excellent packaging. The doll is of great quality and she loves my time with her. She is a very beautiful doll, so cute, just like the pictures posted, thank you! very soft. The tunnel is almost at the end. recommended. Good communication with seller. They always respond quickly! I will be back when I need more dolls. review – Can you trust this vendor?

Yes, the vendor can be trusted. Doll received as requested, shipping box in perfect condition, no issues. It was custom made and arrived in as little as 2 weeks. She’s just used to posing now, but she looks in great shape and I hope she doesn’t leave the house anytime soon. This is exactly what my husband and I have been looking for. I don’t have the issues that others have complained about. He arrived as promised. Good quality, good price, will come again if necessary.